Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bestiary of Thedas- Basilisk

"Few men, if any, know the true origin of these hideous beasts. It has been said that they are creatures tainted by the Darkspawns' corruption. It has been theorized that they were the experiment of some foolhardy Tevinter mage. It matters not where they come from, however. What matters is that they are very rare, and very dangerous.

You will, by the Maker's grace, be lucky if you never encounter a basilisk. They are fell creatures, filled with a wickedness that cannot be comprehended by learned minds. They are cunning as beasts, and though they do not speak, records show that they have some form of human-like intelligence. Legends exist in multitude of their petrifying gaze; the moment they lock eyes with you, all your will is sapped, and you find that you have no control of your own body. If you should find yourself faced with a basilisk, do not look it in the eyes.

There have been no reported basilisk sightings in Ferelden, thank the Maker, and supposedly they dwell in the warmer climes, in Rivain and Antiva. According to various texts found in the towers of the Circle Mages, the scales of a basilisk make fine armor, and their eyes can be used in various enchantment rituals." ~From the Journals of Bregain Winterson, vol. 2

Health: 50
Speed: 8
Defense: 12
Armor: 3

COM: -3
CON: +3 (Stamina)
CUN: +2
DEX: +2 (Acrobatics)
MAG: +2
PER: +2 (Smelling)
STR: +3
WIL: +0

-Fangs: Attack +3, Damage 2d6+3

Spellpower 12
Known Spells
-Mind Blast