Friday, July 23, 2010

New HeroQuest Heroes

I adore HeroQuest. It is, hands down, my favorite boardgame. Here are some of the Heroes I've written up since acquiring my own copy (which took years and the help of eBay).

The Witch Hunter


· Attack: 2

· Defend: 2

· BP: 7

· MP: 3

· Starting Weapon: Shortsword, Pistol

Witch Hunter’s Pistol: Witch Hunters have a revolver with six shots. Each shot is represented by a Bullet Token. A player can spend a Bullet Token as an Action to fire the revolver.

The Pistol: 4 Attack dice, Range 8.

The Mercenary


· Attack: 2

· Defend: 2

· BP: 7

· MP: 3

· Starting Weapon: Shortsword

Gold-Greed: When drawing treasure, the Mercenary can draw twice, discarding one.

The Grail Knight

Stats: As Elf

Chivalry: A Grail Knight may spend a Mind Point to make a Defense roll for an ally he is adjacent to.

The Cleric

Stats: As Elf

Clerical Magic

Clerics know 4 Divine Spells. They have 6 Spell Tokens. To cast a spell, a player spends a Spell Token as an Action.

· Cure Wounds: This spell may be cast on any one Hero, including yourself. The angels smile upon you, and restore up to 4 lost Body Points. You can never be healed for more BP than you start with.

· Deathbane: All Undead monsters in the same room you are in (that you can see) take 1 BP of damage.

· Guidance: When you cast this spell, choose an ally. They can make an action immediately after you cast this spell.

· Guardian Angel: Choose an ally. They get a re-roll token. At any time they may spend that token to re-roll a failed dice roll. Note that if the character does not spend the re-roll token within 6 turns, they lose it.

The Elven Wardancer

Stats: As Dwarf

· You may attack diagonally.

· If you have a second one-handed weapon, you may attack twice.

· You may not wear chainmail or platemail.

The Duelist

Stats: As Dwarf

Duelists may not wear chainmail or platemail. They can’t use two-handed weapons.

Duelists have 4 Skill Tokens. To use a Duelist Skill, a player spends a Skill Token.

· Lunge: You roll an extra movement die, but you must move towards a foe.

· Parry: You may roll your Attack in place of your Defense dice when being attacked.

· Riposte: When an enemy attacks you, you get a free attack against them after they roll.

The Thief


· Attack 2

· Defend 2

· BP 5

· MP 4

· Starting Weapon: Shortsword

· Starting Armor: None

· Starting Equipment: Tool Kit

Thief Skills

· Trap Breaker: When disabling traps, roll twice and choose the better result.

· Dodge: You can spend a Mind Point to re-roll Defense

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Incoming Articles

I haven't posted here recently, primarily due to my Dragon Age game going up in smoke. This wasn't due to any group in-fighting or anything nearly as tragic and sinister as that, but because of the old nemesis of GM's everywhere- burnout. Having not GM'd a game in well over a year, I was seriously rusty, though my players all say they saw nothing wrong with my game.

I'm now comfortably on the other side of the screen, plotting a new campaign, though I sadly won't be running it for my current group. I'm returning to college in a month, and have somehow managed to garner some interest with the group there (they are slightly notorious for not liking new things).

I don't want Planet Strike, tiny and obscure as it is, to wither and die, however. Far from it. I'm planning several articles for the next week or two, which will hopefully inspire me to write more.

So, here's what's to come;

Alignment Rules for Swords & Wizardry: They've been done to death by several other blogs, but I have my own stuff I'm tinkering with that I'd like to put out there.

Retro Review; Dragon Warriors: I don't own the shiny new Magnus Opus printing of DW, but I do have the old paperback books, and I plan on reviewing them now that I have time away from the GM's screen.

Novel Review; The Stolen Throne: As Dragon Age is more or less my go-to system for fantasy adventures at this point, and I'm in love with the setting, I'll be putting a review of the first novel, The Stolen Throne, out in, oh, a week or so.

Bestiary of Thedas: The selection of monsters in Box 1 of Dragon Age is fairly slim, so I plan on expanding it a bit. I'll probably be breaking the cannon of the setting a bit, but it's my game, so if I want Owlbears roaming the Brecilian Forests, than damn it all, I'll have them.